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How I Created Salutad

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While living in Baltimore, Maryland in 2019, I was teaching graduate courses online focused on MBA courses for graduating students.  I didn’t have any experience teaching professionally, however, I have two master’s Degrees in both Business Administration and Information Systems, respectively.  I was also an owner of Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and had strong relationships with the County officials which landed me several multi million contract awards worth up to $3.8M within two months after obtaining an MBE certified status from the Maryland Department of transportation.

When the contracts expired after five years, I needed a change and started Salutad in March 2019.  I transitioned from being an Adjunct Faculty Member to a supplier of educational services.  In a year, just like everybody else Salutad was put on hold due to the pandemic.  Since I was teaching online, I moved to Palm Beach County, Florida to get ready for retirement from my first venture.  By July, while the pandemic was at its peak, I realized that the busines will slow down and then I wasn’t quite sure which direction to go.  In September, I then went ahead and moved to Florida. In December 2020, the 50+ condominium community where I resided was one of the first communities that received the Pfizer vaccines.  I told myself, I must have done something right which empowered me to pursue and continue building Salutad.

Years ago, I went to Maryland’s Workforce Development and asked for my skills, weaknesses, and strengths to be evaluated and get tested.  The result wasn’t surprising to me because I have enjoyed and strengthened my interests in writing and communicating over the span of 40 years. I am passionate about writing and creating business models for all my clients and former employers.  Hence, helping them achieve success.

Creativeness, I believe, strongly has always been in the back of my mind as someday, if not, forever will heighten my already strong sense of motivation, ambition, and self-directed work ethic to reach out to those in need of a passionate driver like myself.  For years, I ignored my strong passion because I couldn’t say no to opportunities that mostly and practically fell on my lap.  I kept showing up at the right places and at the right time and was able to connect very easily with major decision makers.  The knack for having strong instinct of knowing what to say to leaders and attract their attention was phenomenally natural to me.  However, there’s a side of me that’s very reserve and shy.  I will tell that side of my story in the next blogs, so please, keep standing by me. I promise to make it a point to inspire those who stay loyal and truthful to their ambition to become a success as well.

After receiving my first vaccine, I was full of optimism that I should really follow my venture to become who I want to be.  A year after my second vaccine, I formed and registered Salutad LLC in the State of Florida. The pandemic didn’t seem like it was totally turning the corner. I then joined the Boca Raton Chamber of Commerce, hired a developer to build my website, and started digging for more learning opportunities.  In the beginning, I kept hesitating, retracting, moving forward then I would go back to having doubts or second guessing myself.  After shopping around for a developer, I gathered all the requirements I need to design and create a functional website.  It wasn’t easy to trust website designers because I heard so many horror stories about not having the requirements followed and designed according to the specifics stated by business owners.  With this type of problems faced by many of those who experienced tormenting headaches, it could get costly and time consuming.

This is one of the reasons why I created Salutad.  It is to solve the problems of high costs in delays and non-conforming products that are highly digital in nature.  Moreover, digital marketing campaigns and platforms that are focused on highly functional returns of investments to customers is a market that’s  continuously evolving. To me, it is a field that will create gaps after gaps.  This market will open huge number of opportunities to innovate because it created audiences that want to link new ideas to fill their hunger for more opportunities to learn and connect, and make things happen.  It is my hope to deliver fulfillments in this context and my story is not unique, I am sure one would agree that this is exactly what I meant about my business.  The goal is to reach the audience that responds well to information that are hard to obtain at a timeframe that is tailored to the customer to learn.  Developing and building the audience for my platform is unique in the timing element of my brand.  To customers with high degree and track record of success, there is a demand for the need to approach business process improvements and methods with the sense of timing when it comes to product launch and other trajectories that are essential in satisfying the need of stakeholders.  In other words, timing is everything.

Written by:

Rosalie Adams

Founder and Chairman

Salutad Communications LLC